Venturing Into Creative Writing

I am incredibly nervous to upload this post! I’ve always been interested in creative writing, but I have never had the confidence to move further than scribbling in a notebook. I thought that a good start in venturing out into this field would be to occasionally post some ramblings on here, so here is the first poem that I have been working on for quite a while now. It’s very different to my usual type of writing. I never play around with form and layout as much as this, so it was challenging to ignore those simple rules of punctuation that are drilled into you from a young age!

If this is the type of thing people would like to read more of, I’ll happily upload this version of content on a more frequent basis! I hope someone out there enjoys this!


The promise 
of a continued devotion
Standing firm
both feet        equally        spaced
Erratically devoted
to being devoted
A swift series of 
A flickering sign
of a relationship past
A relic
of what was 

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