Marie Kondo-ing My Clothes

I’m one of those people who, no matter how hard they try, always seem to end up with overflowing draws. I feel like I am constantly going through my wardrobe and taking bags of clothes to the clothes blank, but somehow my collection of unworn t-shirts seems to expand.

After watching a few episodes of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (which is very therapeutic by the way), I decided I was in desperate need of a sort out. Looking across my room at my open and overflowing wardrobe, with the draws pushed shut against their will, I decided it was time.

Following Marie’s method of dumping all of your clothes into a huge pile on your bed might not have been my best idea at 11pm, but it certainly meant I was forced to go through them all. One by one, I picked up an item of clothing and tried to see if it ‘sparked joy’. If I’m honest, I probably should have put a lot more clothes in the donate pile, but that would have left me naked.

Going through my clothes reminded me of some items that I haven’t worn since last year, but also reminded me why I haven’t worn these items. I was able to donate a binbag full of clothes that either didn’t suit me (and probably never did), were too big, too small or just not my style anymore. If it wasn’t for my student budget and needing to own some form of clothing for my day to day life, I would have scrapped about half of what I have left.

I even attempted the correct folding technique! I wasn’t very successful considering my complete lack of folding ability, but my draws definitely look better than before. At least in my opinion they do.

I also went through and organised the clothing that was hanging up into colour, which won’t last very long but looks very aesthetically pleasing for the meantime. I know that I own a lot of dark clothing, but seeing it hung up in one place really inspired me to keep trying more colourful outfits. I’ve tried to build up some more colour in my wardrobe this year, and whilst I definitely have a lot more reds, oranges and yellows, I don’t really have any other colours. Trying to be more adventurous with fashion is one of my goals this year, and to achieve that I have a feeling I might need to dip my toes into the colour pool.

This is the only step of Marie Kondo’s method that I have done so far, but I might try and declutter my room slightly using some of her approaches to paper and objects. I can’t bring myself to follow her steps for books without jeopardising my degree and my emotional state, so they might have to wait. That might be something I have to do once I graduate and move on to the next step of my adulting journey.

If you would like to see more of me and whether or not I actually manage to make my clothes more colourful, go follow my Instagram!

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