My University Scrapbook

Keeping hold of mementoes is something I really love doing. It gives you something to look back on when you’re sad or even just something to keep hold of to show future friends and family in years to come. It’s nice keeping hold of things and I genuinely believe it forces you to consider the fact you are making memories every day! You end up appreciating the things you do more, and you get to reflect on the time you are spending with different people at certain points in your life.

I’m a surprisingly sentimental person. I often keep hold of little bits and pieces that represent nice memories, such as the odd cinema or train ticket. Some things I keep in a box on top of my wardrobe, but anything distinctly university related I put in a little brown photo album that I started at the beginning of my first year at university.

I thought it would be nice to share my memory book and the types of things that I keep in there. Hopefully it might inspire whoever is reading this to keep their own!

Obviously, one of the main things I keep are photographs. I prefer to keep printed photos in this album purely because we live in such an online generation. Printed photos feel somewhat more personal and unique to me. I use a polaroid camera that I got for Christmas a couple of years ago, meaning that each picture is individual and cannot be edited, altered or cropped (unless you use scissors I guess). Basically, they’re a bit more ‘one of a kind’ and feel special to me.

Another thing I keep is tickets. Freshers week was a ticket heavy time, so I kept a few to represent my first week at University and a couple of events I went to in my first year. I have event tickets, a society ball ticket and some tickets from shows I went to see. Tickets are the type of thing that I think age well. If you think about any time you’ve seen an old paper object, they look like little time capsules of history and they feel like a closer connection to everyday life – they aren’t posed pictures, they’re just things you’ve done!

The last thing I keep is what I consider to be really personal items. I’ve lived with one of my housemates for both first and second year, and I’ll be living with him next year too (he’s a lucky man). He has a habit of occasionally writing me notes. They’re usually connected to some sort of prank or little gifts. They feel like the type of thing you just can’t throw away, and as much as I don’t want to stroke his ego, they do really mean a lot to me. It means he took time out of his tea drinking schedule to leave me a handwritten note. So they make it into the scrapbook every time.

I’m building it up slowly and I have to admit that it’s been a bit slower this year – I’ve become a bit of a grandma and it’s rare I leave the house for a ‘wild night out’. But the summer is approaching and I have some fun things lined up that I can’t wait to add to my little book.

Let me know if you keep any sort of scrapbooks or memory boxes, I’d love to hear about what sort of things you keep!

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