A Day In My Life #1

I thought that I would start doing the occasional ‘diary’ post, chatting about my day and how I’ve been feeling. This is the first entry!

Last week the university were promoting Mental Health Awareness Week with a series of campaigns, motivational quotes and freebies. In light of this, I thought I’d spend some time writing a post about my own experience of taking some time to myself. There’s always a lot of pressure around exams, and I’m usually incredibly motivated and determined when it comes to revision and exam prep – but this week I’ve felt incredibly de-motivated. So I spent an afternoon wandering around campus, taking some time out to walk around and see what hidden gems I could find.

Trying to get revision done at home often translates to a lot of time spent sat at a desk. I wanted to change up where I was studying whilst getting that well needed bit of exercise to stretch out my legs. I walked into campus with the view that being in a different environment might reenergise me and encourage me to get revision done. To kickstart my hardcore revision session, I went and had a coffee for a bit with the hope of getting some reading done.

After I had finished my coffee (and my whole one page of reading), I decided that I would see whether I could find areas of campus that I hadn’t see before, or maybe even find some of the pretty areas you see in all of the photos. I wasn’t getting much work done sat out in the sunshine – I enjoy people watching far too much and kept getting distracted. So, I went for a wander around campus instead.

I walked my usual way into the main area of campus, but I took a different turn at the last minute to see what was around the other corner. I actually ended up finding the entrance to a museum that I’ve always thought about going to visit, so that’s a positive. Both of the dissertation photo hot-spots were easily found, and they looked exceptionally pretty in the sunshine. I even had a wander round one of the main campus buildings that I very rarely get to step inside of. Walking around this building was so peaceful. It was silent since it’s one of the main exam venues, so walking around was like a little haven away from the super busy outside areas of sunbathing students.

It was really lovely weather, but I’m a very pale person likely to burn in the blink of an eye, so taking a walk around somewhere inside was a relief. I didn’t want to encourage my inevitable summer sun burn. Taking a few minutes to just walk around the inside of the building turned out to be really interesting, and I even found some hidden gems within the walls. I didn’t know half of the pictures and statues I found even existed. It turns out that taking some time out to walk around led to me broadening my knowledge of campus. I knew that the university was old, but I hadn’t quite taken in the history that goes alongside that. It’s so easy to see all the new modern additions to campus without considering the long history held by the other buildings.

When I came back out of the building I decided to walk home. Campus was exceptionally busy and the sun was making me feel a bit too warm. I felt ashamed of having not done enough work, but I reminded myself that it’s okay to take a break sometimes. Those moments of calm can do wonders for your wellbeing and productivity. Besides, I actually achieved quite a lot in the broader scale of things. I might not have revised what The Aspern Papers says about gender, but I did find some beautiful calm spots on campus where I can come and sit when I need to.

It’s easy to feel like everyone is being incredibly busy and productive during exam season, so I thought I would share my day of unproductive productivity. Not everyday is successful in terms of workload and that’s okay.

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