Molly Burke: The YouTuber Inspiring Me

Recently I’ve been watching a lot of videos on YouTube as a quick and easy break between revision sessions. It was during this cycle that I came across a YouTuber called Molly Burke. I think her story is fascinating and incredibly inspiring, so I wanted to share it with you all. Not only have I enjoyed her content, but I have consistently learnt something new from each of her videos.

Molly was diagnosed with a rare degenerative eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa when she was four-years-old. This means that from a very young age she gradually lost her vision until, at the age of 14, she became blind. She has been a public speaker since the age of 5 and has since gone on to start a YouTube channel.

She’s incredibly inspiring and really promotes love and hope in every single one of her videos. Her content ranges from vlogs and challenges, to reviewing online shopping hauls or skydiving (yes, you read that correctly). I have been educated on the realities of a disability in more ways than one. Molly strives to make her content enjoyable and educational, and on her channel she has videos explaining everything from how she does her makeup or picks her clothes, to how she uses technology. There are many things that Molly discusses on her channel that had never occurred to me, and through watching her videos I have become more aware and appreciative of the necessary improvements needed to make the world more accessible for everyone within it.

This video is the first segment to a series called ‘The 10 Year Journey’. I think this is a good introduction to her, and her channel.

Aside from her work on YouTube, she has also branched out into the world of fashion and beauty, working alongside Aerie to promote unedited and unfiltered images within the fashion industry. All round, her message is positive, informative and enjoyable.

I find that it’s rare to find content on YouTube that feels genuinely informative, or as though it is filling a missing area within the market, but Molly really fits that box. Plus, she has an incredibly cute guide dog called Gallop who makes viewing worth it regardless of whether or not you’re interested in her content! I hope you check her out and enjoy her videos, or at the very least learn something new. I’ll put a link to her channel here for anyone who is interested.

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